Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Latte

It’s been a while since we first met
Your eyes still not changes
That feeling you gave to me
I still remember that on my mind

In this classic coffe shop
The first time we talked to each other
You asked my name then I asked yours
It was happy to be with you at the momment.

Vanilla Latte
Was your favorite drink that time
With that, you told me how you liked me
The sweet taste in my lips, I won’t forget it
It’s my first time to be liked by someone, Vanilla Latte

Now we met again in the same coffe shop
I thought you’ve forgotten about me
But the truth is I was wrong
Even the feels still not change

Vanilla Latte
Still your favorite drink untill now
With that, you’ve told me you still not change
The pretty smell of it, will always remind me to you
I’m glad now I still have a hope, Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Latte
This is my first time I tasted to it
It’s so sweet so I can’t stop feel the sense
I know this is what you try to told me
I understand and I wait it, I love you, Vanilla Latte.